Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day of pampering

Mr Curious gave me a day spa voucher as part of my Christmas pressies and I made use of it today.

The destination is Zen Day Spa at Darlinghurst.  I've never heard of it before, so good on him for finding it.

My appointment was for 1pm but I was running a bit late, I called a few minutes before I arrived and thankfully I confirmed the location of the parking lot otherwise I would have missed it!  However I was told that my appointment wasn't until 1:30pm, which was strange because I received an SMS on Monday confirming an 1pm appointment.

Anyhow, I arrived and was offered a beautiful lemongrass tea.  The man at the reception tried to speed things up and my treatment started at 1:15pm.

The Zen indulgence package (the name is an oxymoron, no?) started with a "Hydro-Active Mineral Salt Body Exfoliation".  I haven't had a body scrub for ages and it was nice to scrub off all the dull skin.  My skin is so smooth now!

That was followed by a "Mineral Salts Spa Bath" which was a normal triangular spa.  After the beautician left I stepped into the spa and it was HOT!  Not burning hot but it took me a while to submerge my whole body into the bath.  I had to splash cold water on my face regularly to cool down.  I ended up putting a towel soaked in cold water on my face.  I had a cold shower before getting ready for the next treatment.  It must have been good for my circulation.

Next were the mani and pedi.  It was strange having my nails done whilst I was lying on my back.  The beautician (different person) was very friendly and we had a good conversation going.  She might be a bit sick of hearing about The Little Guy by the end!  I chose bright colours, coral for my toenails and a hot pink for my fingernails.  I tried to take photos but the camera couldn't capture the colour accurately.

The facial was the last treatment.  It started off with a pre-cleanse, then cleansing, and 2 rounds of exfoliations (the second round was with Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub, I used it years ago but I remembered the smell).  My memories were a bit vague after that as sleepy monster got the best of me.  I remember she started the steam machine before I drifted off.  When I woke up I thought the facial was over, but no, she proceeded to put more cream on my face, then another cream which turned out to be the actual facial.  The facial finished with toner and Active Moist.

The beautician told me afterwards that it was a Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque.  I may buy one to use at home.

So I left the day spa feeling relaxed and well rested.  I must remember to do this more often!  And you should too.

Zen Day Spa
116-118 Darlinghurst Road
(02) 9361 4200


Thank you for your lovely message <3


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