Thursday, February 18, 2010

Etsy magic

UPDATE: I have included the seller's details at the end of the post.

Etsy is probably one of the best internet shopping experiences.  It is fantastic to have access to so many original, handmade goods from all around the world.  I love browsing and I have done my share of purchases.

What's even better is that I can come up with my own design to be created by talented Etsy sellers.

I was looking a few months ago for some earrings and I came across these:

I like the green glass stone on this pair:


And the teardrop shaped sapphire glass stone on this pair:

I thought they'll look really good together, so I cut and pasted the two together (see below) and started a convo with the seller, asking her to make them for me.


The seller was very accommodating and she said she would mock up a pair for me.

This is her first attempt:


I thought the green stone was too big relative to the blue stone, so I asked for a smaller stone.  Also I didn't like the emerald colour, I preferred the lighter green in my mock up.  She came back with this:


The smaller stone looks better, but I still wasn't sold on the emerald.  The seller said she had another type of green called "peridot" and sent me a photo for comparison:


I actually liked the size of the peridot stone better, but it still wasn't the right shade of green.  She then sent me a chart with the stone colours available:


Out of that chart I liked the Apple Green but the Peridot was OK as well so I asked her to get hold of them.

She sourced the stones and sent this photo to me:


I chose the apple green which is on the right, and the seller sourced 2 in the bigger size.

She spent NYE making them and sent me a photo.


The green were a bit lighter than I expected but they look good and the seller was so lovely I went for it.  It was $US19.95 so I coudn't go wrong.

This is a photo I took of them after they arrived.


They work fabulously with the Alannah Hill dress I bought last month.

Our convos took over a month but the final product was worth it.  The seller even named the earrings after me :-D

Do you like Etsy?  Share your favourite buys with other CCM readers!

The seller is Purple Toes Jewelry.  Please say hi to Donna for me if you ever order anything from her.


  1. who are these by?? Can you please email me the seller at


Thank you for your lovely message <3


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