Monday, February 8, 2010


I was hoping to write another post on our weekend activities but life took over.  Work, 1/2 hour on the cross trainer at lunch, left home early to pick up The Little Guy from daycare (he was so grubby and he was already on to his second outfit!).

Played with him for a while then bathe him with Mr Curious, tried to put him to sleep but he flat out refused, even though he only had one nap today.

So there were lots of movements in and out of his bedroom.  He screamed so loudly when I put him down to sleep, it was mind numbing (and a bit sad)!  I had to pat him for maybe half an hour before he finally went to sleep.

After that it was a quick dinner (Mr Curious cooked) and then cooking for TLG, brown rice with mince beef, passata and vegies.  It is so yum I am happy to eat it myself.  I made a big batch, it took an hour I think.

Then it was time to hand wash my bras, packed up The Little Guy's toys, checked my work email, and at 10:30pm I finally have some time for myself (which was spent writing this post!).

Mr Curious spent the evening getting insurance quotes (somehow we managed to have our car and home insurance due at the same time, *sigh*) so he didn't have fun either.  It was surprising that insurance companies have sales staff working after 10pm.

After this I'm going to pack my gym bag for tomorrow (butt, thighs and abs class - ouch!) and then, sweet sweet slumber.  Good night everyone!


Thank you for your lovely message <3


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