Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Question Time: What top for this skirt?

I found a great bargain when I went shopping with my MIL last week.


A lovely skirt, on sale for $22!  For some reason it was in the plus size section, I would have never found it otherwise.

However, I realised I have a problem when I got home - I don't have a top to wear with it!

I have a few black tops but nothing seems to match.

In my mind I picture a silk sleeveless top with pussy bow, but I'm open to ideas.

Any suggestions?


  1. Where did you buy it? It's stunning! Hmmm. Does it need a dressier top? I'd wear it with a black singlet top and ballet flats but that's just me ;) I suspect a royal blue might be too matchy matchy...

  2. Thanks Kitty. It's from Target of all places.

    I want to wear it to work that's why I'm looking for a dressy top.

    For a casual look I think a black v-neck top will be fine, but I don't have one of those either.

  3. Great skirt! Target have gems!

    Maybe a sheer black blouse with ruffles - I saw one in Limited Editions at Target a few weeks back.

    Otherwise, I think maybe a cream tank with a bit of collar/neckline details - like beading or that sort of crochet...

    Whatever top you choose, wear it tucked in.

    I have a few skirts this style, but floral print, and I wear a plain coloured but pretty top.

  4. I would wear it with a scoop-neck black fitted tee, tucked in and belted with a black belt with an interesting silver buckle, and some blue or black flats.
    Verrry cute. I want one!


Thank you for your lovely message <3


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