Friday, February 26, 2010

Pump up the jam

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I have resumed my gym membership.  I had my second personal training session on Tuesday and my trainer Charlie developed a program for me after my fitness test the week before.  She demonstrated the execises and I tried them out.  The conclusion - I am REALLY UNFIT.  I felt nauseous by the end of the session because my body was not coping, and I didn't even do all the reps!

I'm planning to go to the gym this afternoon to give it a try.  I will report on progress.  I am happy to put the program on the blog if anyone's interested.

I tried on my jeans yesterday and even the "fat pair" didn't fit!  I could fit into them comfortably 6 months ago so I can't use my pregnancy as an excuse.  All those chocolate and ice-cream have to land somewhere, right?  I reallyl want to go back to my pre-pregnancy body so I have to work hard.

I'm completing a food diary this week so Charlie can assess my diet.  Wonder what she will say?


  1. Heya
    I've been good during January and half of February but then I got sore and I had things on so I stopped going to the gym. Going to go tonight :)
    Good luck with your exercise mission

  2. Thanks Carly. I wimped out - after lunch with my gf I just couldn't gathered up the energy. Will definitely do some exercise in the weekend.

  3. I went to Body Balance and loved it. I feel so much more relaxed now :) I have some new perspective about relaxing and blogged about it.

    I actually signed up to the gym too - as opposed to having done casual classes for the past two months.

    Good luck for tomorrow :)


Thank you for your lovely message <3


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