Monday, February 15, 2010

Question Time: Help me declutter my bathroom!

It's Monday morning - are you looking for something to distract you from work/study?

Here's an assignment for you if you choose to accept.

Help me declutter this:


The area is 57cm x 79cm with a small indent in the corner.

I want everything to be accessible but tidy and easy to maintain.

Fire away with your ideas!


  1. oh my goodness! well I guess the easiest place to start it to piff anything that you don't use (this includes things that you have used once/twice and didn't like yet you've held onto it just in case you use it again or it b/c u feel guilty b/c it was so darn $$$ in the first place) Does that spot in your bathroom get dusty? If not you could buy a 3 tiered caboodle/rack thingie and keep your bits and pieces organised on that? That way everything will be easily accessible and visible - i find that if I put things in drawers then its out of sight out of mind and I don't ever use it. hth :angel:

  2. yes surely the first step is to cull! @ HSW they have clear containers you could use to store things neatly but still see what you have. can you not store it in your vanity though? or what about getting one of those mirror/shelves things on top of the vanity - you know it looks like a mirror but opens up and has shelves behind it.

  3. Ekkk... well i'd cull cull cull, then maybe buy a nice cupboard and packaway lol (i'm a bit of a cheater :) )

  4. OMG. Is this at the end of your bathtub? We have a similar space like that near our bathtub - but it is higher...

    I have a few nice things out eg candles, bath lotions & the rest are packed in a basket I bought from a cheapie store (and I also have the matching hamper in our bedroom). Have told myself that I am only have as many products that fit in the basket. However I do store makeup elsewhere..

  5. Thanks for your suggestions! I will do a cull this weekend. Don't worry, I will report on progress!

  6. I recently moved house and decluttered all my makeup and toiletries - literally hundreds of dollars into the bin. My rule was if it hasn't been used lately and I can't give it away - out with it!


Thank you for your lovely message <3


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