Thursday, March 18, 2010

Brithday presents

This year I am very "inspired" so I told everyone what I wanted for my birthday.  Yes, it is not spontaneous but I wanted every one of those things so satisfaction is guaranteed ;-)

From my brother in law I received a Belkin laptop cooling pad.

I use the laptop a lot at home. I used to put the laptop on top of a cushion and the laptop became really hot, so I wanted a pad with a fan to keep the laptop cool. I'm using it right now and it's doing a great job.

When I read about Keepcup thanks to missea's blog I wanted one for myself.  I asked Mr Curious to choose the colour combination and this is what he picked.

I usually have 2 cups of coffee at work so by using this I'm saving 6 cups and plastic lids a week.  And It's cute too.  I'm looking forward to using it tomorrow.

From my MIL I received Burn Notice DVD season 1.

I only started watching Burn Notice last year, part way through season 2.  It is such a great show it's a shame that it's not well known here.  It has everything you can ask for from a TV show - drama, action, humour, and sexy stars.  You can't go wrong!

Channel 10 is currently showing season 3 after SYTYCD on Wednesday nights.

From my brother I will be receiving a travel brush set from Sigma Makeup.

I only have one set of brushes at the moment and I wanted some for my gym bag and these look very promising.  I'm waiting for the package now.

The last gift was a surprise, it is from The Little Guy via Mr Curious.

It is a journal for to me to write about my life and my thoughts, and one day I will pass it to TLG.  Each page has a topic as a starting point, such as:
  • Tell me about your mum and dad
  • What were your favourite hobbies when you were young
  • If you were an animal ... what type of animal would you be, and why?
It is such a wonderful idea.  I don't know much about my parents' youth and I hope TLG will enjoy reading about my (often crazy) thinking when he grows up.  Technically this is not a gift for me, it's one for him!  But I'll have a great time writing it.

Well, there is one more present pending but we will get it later when we're in Hong Kong so watch this space!
P.S. Oh yes, we will be heading to HK over Easter to visit my sister who lives over there, and to shop!  Looking forward to it.


  1. Great pressies!
    I love the journal idea...that is so sweet :)

  2. Wow! Lovely presents! Belated Happy B'day.

    I love Burn Notice too! My husband got me on to it. A few friends dont like it, they reckon the lead man is a bit smarmy. I think they caught the wrong episode! He is hilarious! x

    Loved your blog, been reading for a little first comment :-)

    Em x

  3. Kimberley - you should get one too. I don't know where Mr Curious bought it, I can ask him if you like.

    Thanks Em for your lovely comment. I'm so glad that you enjoy reading the blog, I certainly enjoy writing it.

    Just finished a coffee with the Keepcup and it's all good.


Thank you for your lovely message <3


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