Sunday, April 18, 2010

HK diary 2 - Food (Local Fare)

Hong Kong is a fantastic place for food - street hawker fare to haute cuisine.

The first thing we had after arriving at our hotel was to buy some takeaway for dinner. I headed to Chee Kee for 2 serves of wonton noodles.

Photo: Openrice

I don't know whether my expectation was too high, or whether they have changed, but it was only OK.  Still miles ahead of any wonton noodles I can find in Sydney, but the noodles didn't have the same bite as I recalled, and the wontons were nice but not great.

The very first thing I ate in HK was not the wonton noodles though, rather it was a skewer of fish balls.  When I was a kid illegal hawkers used to sell them in carts, nowadays they are served in stores which are usually a little bit bigger than a shoebox.

Photo: Serving Fish Balls, on Flickr from cogdogblog

I had a choice of "hot" or "mild". The hot ones are cooked in a thick curry broth (the yellow ones from the photo above).  I enjoyed spicy food but I have my limits, so I asked them to dip a skewer of mild fish balls into the curry broth.  It turned out to be just the right amount of spice for me.  I liked the chewy texture of the fish balls too.

Another favourite hawker-style snack is "eggettes", which is Hong Kong's interpretation of waffles.  Once upon a time they were made with charcoal stoves.  I still remembered the cook flipping them around to make sure they're evenly cooked.  Nowadays they are usually made with electric waffle makers.  They are crunchy on the outside and soft and gooey inside.  I bought one for Mr Curious when I was out shopping one night, only half the pack made it back to the hotel.


HK has lots more on offer of course, like congee, HK style bakery, iced lemon tea (my favourite beverage in HK), pork jerky ... but that's for another time!


  1. Oh, please post more about your HK visits and foodie favourites :) I'll be there again at the end of the year and am excitedly devouring as much info as possible!

    Hello, by the way. I found you via Miss K-C & have been enjoying your blog :)

  2. Welcome Amy - there is at least another HK food post coming, so watch this space!

    Thanks for reading :-D

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