Tuesday, May 4, 2010

40 degrees

I was all prepared for a blog post tonight about dinner last Saturday but I came home to a sick little boy sleeping on the sofa (my mum came over to babysit today as TLG was starting to get sick yesterday).  After he woke up at 6pm he was in so much discomfort - twisting and turning, super clingy, and in a few occasions  he shivered before breaking into tears - it was heartbreaking.

I checked his temperature after he had dinner and it was up to 40 degrees!  We promptly called called the healthdirect Australia service (1800 022 222) and the RN on the phone was very reassuring.  I knew it was a viral infection and there wasn't much we could do, but it was still worth it to check with someone to make sure we did our best.  The helpline is a fantastic service.

TLG was much better after the Baby Nurofen kicked in.  He suddenly became very interested in my duck dinner and ate every morsel I could pull off the bone, and vaccumed up some watermelon afterwards.  He then read books for a while. I couldn't believe how much he knew - I asked him to find a cement mixer and he turned the pages until he found it and pointed it out to me.  Same thing for bulldozer and combine harvester.  15 months old and already a heavy machinery expert!

Just before 10pm he was getting tired and I told him it was time for bed, and he waved goodbye to daddy.  Once in his room we said good night to all the farm animals (his bedtime routine) and I gave him his teddy.  I said to him that a good sleep would make him feel better and I think he understood, and he fell asleep soon after.  I expect a restless night though.

I wish you get well soon TLG - mummy and daddy are here for you.


Thank you for your lovely message <3


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