Wednesday, May 26, 2010

$7.50 raisin toast

TLG and I went out for breakfast this morning.  The place I was planning to visit changed its opening hours and was closed when we arrived, so we went to Simmone Logue instead.

I ordered a coffee and one serve of raisin toast, and was a bit shocked when the cashier said the total bill was $11.  For a moment that I thought she might have taken the wrong order but it didn't appear to be the case.

This was what we got.


It was not the average raisin toast from the supermarket.  It was actually fruit and nut toast with raisins, figs and hazelnut.  Honey and butter are served on the side.  It was not was as sweet as normal raisin toast, I assume that was why they gave us honey.  I didn't use any.

Yes it tasted good and fancier than normal raisin toast, but was it worth $7.50?  Not in my opinion.  We'll check out another cafe next time.


  1. Far out! I've never had breakfast at Simmone Logue but often have coffee there. I think I might stick with my Gloria Jean raisin toast...


Thank you for your lovely message <3


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