Friday, May 28, 2010

Boots mission accomplished

I have been wanting to purchase a pair of low heel short boots for a while - something that works with tweed skirts that I wear to work, and comforable because I take TLG to daycare in the morning on foot.

I went to Myer earlier today to buy some winter clothes for TLG and dropped by the shoes section since they have 30% off all boots.  I found a pair from EasySteps that fits the bill.

It was very strange that I could fit into a pair of size 8 when I am usually a 9.  Are there vanity sizings for shoes now?


  1. i also noticed when i was shopping for boots recently that the sizing is a bit big. i think maybe its just boots so that you can wear thick socks with them? lol thats my theory anyway :)

  2. I've noticed this recently with shoes too... what's going on? Who needs vanity sizing for their feet! I'm usually an 8.5 or 9 and I tried on boots in Sportsgirl recently and had to keep going down til I got to size 6! Crazy stuff.

  3. Ste60 - I was already wearing socks coz I was wearing another pair of boots on Friday.

    Kiki - going down to 6 is a bit crazy!

    I bought the 8.5 at the end even though the 8 fit because I just can't get over buying size 8 psychologically.

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