Wednesday, May 12, 2010

HK diary 4 - The French Window

With a little boy with us in Hong Kong, fine dining was not very practical.  Thankfully my sister volunteered to babysit TLG one night for us so Mr Curious and I can have a nice dinner.  She also recommended a restaurant to us - The French Window in the IFC building in Central.

The decor of the restaurant was charming - after the reception desk we were led down to a dimly lit long hallway with chandlier.

The use of fake plants was a let down.  I understand that real plants probably won't survive in an environment like this but nonetheless it was a bit jarring, particularly when fake flowers were used for a large floral arrangement between the hallway and the restaurant.

As befitting to a restaurant with "window" in its name, lots of glass panels and mirrors are used to create an atmosphere that is grand yet also intimate.

I really liked the "street lamp" hanging from the ceiling.

Mr Curious and I chose a 5 course degustation menu ($HK800, around $A115).  There was an option to have matching wines with the meal but I am not a big drinker so we opted for 2 glasses of wine each.

I don't remember what the first course any more so I'd start with the second course which was pan seared scallops with green cabbage and black truffle sauce.

The scallop was cooked just right (slightly crunchy on the outside and raw in the middle) and so juicy.  The scallop's natural flavour worked really well with the truffle sauce.

Creamy polenta, cep mushrooms and parsley butter

This was delicious.  The polenta was so smooth (it was best not to think about how much cream and butter were used) and was infused with the flavour of the mushrooms.  Mr Curious declared it was his favourite dish for the evening.  For a meatlover it was a great complement indeed.

As the main we had wagyu beef cheek a la bourguignone carrot confit with red wine sauce.  No photo (all the photos in this post are from the restaruant's website, we were enjoying our dinner too much to pull out the camera).  As expected, the quality of the wagyu beef was melt in your mouth sublime.  However, the red wine sauce was rich and in my opinion overwhelmed the dish.  I would've preferred a lighter sauce so the taste of the wagyu beef would shine through a bit more.

We had a tasting plate for dessert.  I really enjoyed the poached pear, almond cappuccino with chocolate sorbet.

I never would have thought that pear and dark chocolate would work so well together - it was a pleasant surprise.

The serving size were generous. I couldn't even finish the petit fours served with our hot chocloates.

Some of you may have noticed a signature decoration on their dishes there was always a thinly sliced candied vegetable or fruit accompanying the dish. I thought it was a nice touch.

Service was as expected from a fine dining restaurant, attentive but not intrusive.

The bill came to $350 including tips.

The meal was enjoyable, but in this instance, the company was the best part :-)

The French Window
3101, Podium level 3
ifc mall
Hong Kong
(852) 2393 3812


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  2. Yummy! The polenta dish looks especially scrumptious!

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