Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Impulse buys

TLG and I were at Chatswood Chase this afternoon, mainly to buy a handheld vaccum cleaner (exciting I know) but there was a one-day sale across the centre.

The sign at the Ben Sherman store caught my attention (50% - 70% off all stock). Since it is Mr Curious' birthday next week I went in hoping to find him a few things.

I bought him this t-shirt on TLG's behalf - TLG is happy as long as there is a car!

I also bought these cufflinks for Mr Curious - I think they are quite stylish.

I bought this for my little brother to say thank you for looking after TLG when Mr Curious and I were struck down by gastro last week.

But of course I also managed to find something for myself ...

Original price $249, now $99.  Bargain, right?

By the way, this is not a one-day sale.  So if you like their stuff, check it out at your local Ben Sherman store.

This is why the credit card bill is always a nasty surprise :-/


Thank you for your lovely message <3


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