Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beauty advertising

I saw two advertisements at the Wynyard bus stop yesterday.

The first one is for the Jil Sander perfume.  Now I don't know much about Jil Sander - I came across her store when I was in Hong Kong and I made a mental note that the brand is not known in Australia.  Well, that's not the case any more.  This is the poster.

I am perplexed by it.  Who are they trying to target? With the t-shirt, pantsuit and loosely tied hair, my guess is office worker in their early 20s? What message is the ad trying to send to potential customers?  And why is she in such as awkward pose?

I asked Mr Curious what he thought she he saw the ad, and he said "crooked".

The other ad is for Dr Lewinn's skincare range.


The first time I saw it I only caught the slogan "old can wait" and it captured my attention, even though I didn't know what the ad was for.

Having seen the full poster I think it's a pretty powerful ad.  I like the fact that there is no clutter and no other words - the slogan speaks for itself.  The model is beautiful, of course, but not overly so.  To me, the most striking thing about her is the confidence in her eyes, it's like she's saying "I'm conquered this".  I think it will resonate with many.

When searching for the image above, I found other posters in the same campaign.


I'm not a fan of this one.  First, the woman looks more obviously photoshopped.  The message is a cheeky pun which is fine, but the reference to the husband irks me somewhat.  I feel it implies that a woman should look good to get her husband's approval.  Am I reading too much into it?

Advertising is a fascinating thing.  If done right it does wonder for the brand (and sales), but if you get it wrong it take a long time to undo the damage.

How about you?  Are there any ads that interest/annoy you?


  1. I know what you mean, but I like the joke, I think it's fun and maybe you're reading a little too much into it! haha.

    Also I think you should put the link to post a comment at the bottom of your article! I always struggle to find it :)

  2. Yes I am sensitive now that I'm an old married woman ;-)

    To comment, you can click on the number in the bracket after "Comments" just under the thread title. I'll have a look at the html code to see if I can do anything else.


Thank you for your lovely message <3


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