Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Etsy browsing - earrings

I do not wear a lot of jewellery and most of them are permanent fixures. On a daily basis, I wear a silver necklace with a heart-shaped diamond (first Valentine's day gift from Mr Curious), my engagement and wedding ring, and the eternity ring we bought during our HK visit earlier this year.

So earrings are my way to match my jewellery with the clothes I wear on the day. I have around 50 active pairs and I'm always on the look out for more.

Nothing beats Etsy for easy access to great designs at a reasonable price. I like Art Deco style earrings so I searched for and came up with a few nice options.

The first 2 pairs are something I can wear to work; the third pair will work well with jeans and a knit top.

[Edit: I had a look at my Etsy favourites and there is a fourth pair!  Now added.]

I haven't decided if I'm going to get any of them yet ... what do you think?


  1. I like the first and last pair. The silver ones will go with pretty much anything.


  2. I love all of them but if I was buying I would go the silver pair for casual and the purple ones for work. But that's just me!

  3. Thanks ladies.

    The first one is nice but I have a fair number of purple earrings already.

    Leaning towards #3 and new #4 at the moment.

  4. I love the third pair, I have something kind of similar in gold that I wear all the time. They're interesting yet also versatile enough to go with any outfit.

  5. They are all nice but my fave two are the green ones and the silver ones


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