Thursday, July 1, 2010

Katy Perry style

I saw this photo of Katy Perry last night.

Photo: via eonline!

Doesn't she look stunning in the silver minidress (by Jenny Packham) and purple Louboutins?  The security guard in the background was totally checking her out.

It almost makes you forget about outfits like this:

Or this:

Actually I don't mind them THAT much - she goes overboard sometimes but I think she has a fun sense of style.

And you just can't help but sing along when you hear "California Gurls", can you?


  1. I really love the colour of the Louboutins but I am partial to a bit of shiny :)

  2. Love her style now, although she does occasionally fall of the wagon. Blue smurfette wig anyone? The Louboutins are divine though...

  3. I LOVE her style. I even love her performance outfits. So fun and colourful! And her body is sick, so why not? ;-)


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