Saturday, July 17, 2010

Quick lunch

We were planning to go out to lunch today but TLG fell asleep in the car, so we changed our mind and made lunch at home instead.

We bought some salami from the butcher earlier in the morning, and decided to made a few pizzas.  Mr Curious grabbed a few items from the grocery store whilst I waited in the car with the sleepy bunny.

The first pizza is what I would call a man's pizza - grana padano cheese, salami and olives.  We used Geoff Jansz woodfire pizza base from Thomas Dux.

Here's Mr Curious preparing the pizza.


And here's the finished product.


The salami that we bought today was very strong - almost like jerky!  The pizza was nice but it was a bit dry for my liking.

Here's pizza #2:


We used a "lighter" salami on this pizza.  Other ingredients included soft goat's cheese, grape tomatoes, olives and basil.  The soft cheese, tomatoes and basil created a better balance in my opinion. Also we reduced the amount of time the pizza was in the oven because the first pizza was a bit too dry.

It was super easy to make (well Mr Curious prepared it so there was zero work for me) and very yummy.  We will definitely do this more often!

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