Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lemming: Bottega Veneta A/W 2010 dress

Browsing August's UK Vogue today, saw this dress and it really caught my attention.  I took a photo of the magazine with my phone so I can search for it when I get home.

Beautiful colour, feminine but also has a sense of fun.  I really like the embellished shoulders, even though I'm not a fan of power shoulder at all.  I think this will look great as a full length gown as well.

I went through the collection and these also made my lemming list:

This one is no surprise because it's in the same vein as the first dress.

This one is not my usual style at all, and it probably doesn't suit me, but I like the textured squares on the top and the balloon skirt looks fun.

The rest of the collection is a bit of a miss for me.  I wonder who will (can) look good in this ensemble?


  1. I adore that purple dress - it's the business!


Thank you for your lovely message <3


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