Sunday, September 5, 2010

Father's Day

The last 2 weeks have been lacklustre.  TLG was sick the whole of last week, even now he still has a cough.  I was also sick at some point and lost my blogging mojo (I was also spending lots of time reading about the election, sad I know).  Well, the important thing is that I'm back!

My FIL stayed with us over the weekend so 3 generation celebrated Father's Day today.

I made pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast for everyone.

I followed this super easy recipe and they turned out great, really fluffy. Although I will try to cut down on the butter next time (there were 6g of butter per pancake!).

To me, the key to pancake making (and for French toast too) is getting the temperature right.  Usually the first batch is not the best because the pan is not hot enough.  Fortunately as the cook I usually eat the last batch when the temperature is just right!

We took TLG to the park after breakfast.  He was a bit spooked by the strong wind at first, but after a while he settled down and the boys had a bit of fun.

Here's Mr Curious running off with TLG tugged under his arm.

TLG is obsessed with cars, trucks and the like, and when we were at a carpark in the afternoon he climbed onto the driver's seat and had a bit of a "drive".

He can put together simple sentences like "mummy drive car" now.  It is a lot of fun to have a conversation with him.

I wish you all had a wonderful Father's Day :-)


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