Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Twist and shake

There are so many things to buy at the moment.  And that's just the replacement list.

Our handheld blender died when I was trying to make a milkshake for Mr Curious.  I'm thinking about this Kenwood model (HB724, RRP $139) which is on sale at DJs at the moment..

A few people recommended Braun - I will check it out as well (below is the Multiquick professional, RRP $139).

I have to get it soon because TLG has been asking for his smoothies - so cute when he says it too.

The next item on my list is a set of salt and pepper mill.

I love my Chefn "bunny" mini magnetic set but one of the "ears" snapped the other day.  They were my second set already, so I will get another model this time around.

Here are some possible replacements:

Cole and Mason Duo 2 in 1 ($35 at Victoria's Basement)

I read somewhere that salt comes out if you twist it in one direction and pepper comes out if you twist it the other way.  Sounds pretty cool if that's the case.  Having one instead of two mills is also handy.  A lifetime guarantee on the mechanics is a bonus.

Avanti Stockholm Diablo salt and pepper mill set 17.5cm ($34.95 at Kitchenware Direct)

Because they look good.

Or I can go for this one ($25 at dstore) - pretty fun, don't you think?

I may head off to Victoria's Basement at Artarmon to have a look.  There is a little store across the road from it which sells some cool European homeware, I'll see if they have any interesting ones.

And I'd love recommendations from my lovely readers :-)


  1. hi ms curious,

    my tips the braun one is good, the kenwood blender (not good). the one they use on masterchef- sunbeam was so so. But with all of these ones you need to remove attachments.....the one you dont need to remove the attachments but switch blades is Bamix. hope this helps. good luck with the shopping. BTW had the salt and pepper mill- it cracked easily. not sure why. Anurag

  2. Anurag, I picked up the Kenwood today! I haven't used it yet, may heed your advice and return it. I can't justify buying the Bamix - a bit too pricey.

  3. MC, I want a bamix but I don't know how much they are. Bit scared now. Our Breville one comes with similar attachments like the Kenwood one and tbh, they just take up room in the cupboards/drawers because a) the whisk on a wand guarantees splatters all over your walls, and b) the magimix has a little bowl for smaller amounts and I never use the Breville one. My thing is 'the less attachments the better!'

  4. Kiki, when I saw the Bamix at DJs it was just the stick for $200 or so, which is a lot more expensive compared to the others. Since then I have done some more research and it looks like the Bamix will be worth it, I also found an online shop with good discount, so I'm going to order one! It has very simple attachments so you'd like it.


Thank you for your lovely message <3


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