Monday, October 25, 2010

Two weeks

Yes, it has been 2 weeks since my last blog entry. I have been thinking about the blog regularly, but somehow never got around to putting pen on paper ... ah that should be fingers on keyboard :-)

I think my loss of blogging mojo started when I decided to go on a shopping ban. Regular readers of this blog know that I've received a few parcels lately, and whilst none of the things I bought were overly expensive, I was getting used to buying for buying's sake. When I was going through shopbop trying to find something to buy (they had a 20% off all items a few weeks ago) I thought it was time to take a break. I should at least wear the new clothes in my wardrobe before buying any more!

Of course there are lots of clothes that I can't wear because I haven't lost any weight this year. I know the problem - too much snacks and dessert, and not enough exercise.  I need to refocus.

Here are some snippets from the past fortnight:

TLG is making an appearance (for a limited time - it's over!). He was being a little adventurer at our local park.

I caught up with my friend KK for lunch last week.  I had a delicious burger at a cafe close to her place (Catherine & Piper, 360 Catherine St, Lilyfield).

It was also our wedding anniversary last week.  Mr Curious and I were planning to go the noodles market in the city, but I didn't feel well on the day so we stayed at home and ordered some Thai takeaway.  Mr Curious bought me these lovely cupcakes from Cupcakes at Pitt.

I'll be back with a cooking post soon, promise!


  1. I love the little guy! He's growing up so fast. And those cupcakes look fantastic! Big points to Mr CG!

  2. He really looks like you - so adorable!!

    (lovely seeing you today. thanks for the mascara!!)

  3. Thanks ladies.

    CC it was great to see you too. Love the MBMJ bag!


Thank you for your lovely message <3


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