Monday, November 1, 2010

More etsy earrings

It is my good friend KK's birthday this Sunday and her husband contacted me and a few girlfriends to arrange a girls' night out.  Four of the five girls at the dinner have kids so it is a rare opportunity to catch up.  We're going to all out and get dressed up - it should be a fun night out.

I'm thinking about getting KK a pair of earrings as a birthday present, and as usual I headed to etsy.  Because the dinner is on this Sunday I was looking for an Australian seller.

I found these from a seller in Sydney:

1. Hot chick

2. Frosted

3. Icebergs in a black sea

4. Baby blue disco ball

And I have a soft spot for this pair (for myself):

5. Amazonite and cluster coral

I love the pale blue Amazonite briolettes.  I saw a pair of elongated drop earrings from Bunda in the same colour a few months ago and I adored them.

A quick search on etsy unearthed a few more designs:

6. Petite briolettes

7. Mermaid tears

8. Amazonite and gold wire

Which pair should I get for KK, and should I get something for myself?  Decisions decisions ...


  1. I love love love the last pair! Simply gorgeous.

  2. Jane, here's the LINK to the etsy page for the last pair.

  3. yep I am with Jane, the last pair are gorgeous!

  4. love the earrings, so gorgeous. esp the icebergs in a black sea


Thank you for your lovely message <3


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