Sunday, November 14, 2010

Summer wardrobe part 2

I received a lot of compliments on the dresses I bought in my last ASOS order so I'm back on the website to add to my summer wardrobe, as well as get a new swimsuit.

Unfortunately the Seafolly swimsuit is no longer available in my size.  I show the swimsuits on my shortlist to Mr Curious and not surprisingly he picked the Pussy Galore, so I'm going to order it.

I decided against the colourful kaftan that I mentioned in the last post; I am going for something a bit more understated instead.

ASOS Pom Pom Cotton Beach Kaftan (on sale, £14)

I like the maxi dress I ordered last time, so I'm getting another one with the same cut.

Liquorish Tile Print Maxi Dress (on sale, £15)

And here are two more summer dresses.

Freesoul Contrast Panel Strappy Dress
(on sale, £17)

ASOS Premium Embroidered Empire Dress (on sale, £26)

I am also ordering a few basics for TLG including this.

Little ASOS Mini Skulls T-Shirt (£6)

Last but not least here are some accessories to complete the order.

Too Faced Glamour To Go Fairy Edition (£16) - A good selection of colours and handy on holidays.

ASOS Keyhole Retro Sunglasses (£10) - A pair of sunnies to wear around at the pool or the beach at Fiji. I hope they fit!

With a 20% discount (GRAZIANOV code until 17 November) the total is less than $A200.  Very good value in my books.

My shopping ban is truly over!


  1. oooh great buys, you are going to have a nice present in the mail!

  2. Oh no more posting of TLG purchases!! Love that T.

  3. It's compliments, not complements.

    BTW have you ever considered NOT spamming your blog all over Vogue forum? How about actually making a real post on Vogue? You might actually have something interesting to say- unlike your blog!

  4. Hehe Shannon, is it a gift if I buy it myself?

    Kimberley - do you want me to post more or less TLG purchases?

  5. Anon - thanks for picking up that typo.

    In life there is something call "choice". If you don't enjoy my blog, there is one simple solution. Don't click on the links. It's a win-win situation as I see it.

  6. Oooh, I love the pom pom kaftan! Subtle but still really fun.

  7. Gosh, CG, making a couple of posts suggesting that someone may like to read your blog or help you decide on a purchase is outrageous. How dare you!!

    I think your posts and your blog entries are always interesting and I love seeing your new purchases. I wouldn't listen to the Vogue-troll ;).

  8. Ahhh hahaha ignore the Anon hater. All you can do is either laugh or feel sorry for them, because really, what kind of life can they lead if they want to rag on an innocent blogger who put an 'e' where there should have been an 'i' *God Forbid*. Pathetic.

    You on the other hand, keep it up darling!

  9. Andrea, that's my feeling about the kaftan exactly!

    Thanks for your support Elle and nice Anon :-)


Thank you for your lovely message <3


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