Monday, March 21, 2011

Writing it down

With e-mails replacing letters and cards, writing is slowly becoming a lost art.  This is a fun little exercise to rediscover our relationsip with pen and paper.

Thanks to the lovely Cynthia for tagging me :-D

To join in, all you need to do is write the following on a piece of paper:
  • Name
  • Blog name
  • Blog URL
  • “A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”
  • Favourite quote
  • Favourite song
  • Favourite band/singer
  • Anything you want
  • Tag someone (c'mon down Sass and Spice and Miss Kitty-Cat!)
So what does my handwriting say about me (besides the fact that I write like a 12-year-old)?


  1. Aww, you have nice and cute writing, much like you! ^_^

  2. You have great handwriting. If I had a cafe/restaurant, I'd pay you to write my menus! :)

  3. Just did mine really quickly...will post soon. You have nice writing - not like a 12 year old!

  4. I stumbled upon your blog, and thought you have an interesting blog here. I like your handwriting! It's certainly not like a 12 year old's!

  5. Thanks Cynthia!

    Kiki - I can't believe you would pick my writing for a menu! I'm not a fan of my writing at all ;-/

    sassandspice - just saw your post, thanks for taking part! And I can't believe you compare your writing to a doctor's! Yours are infinitely better.

    Welcome Kayla, and thanks! OK maybe I have the handwriting of a 15 year old :-D Much better reflects my mental age really.


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