Thursday, June 30, 2011

Healthy Life Part 3 - Mind Over Body

Skipping rope by MeFarSo on Flickr  

One of the exercises in my PT workout last Friday was 30 squat jumps while holding a 5kg medicine ball. My thighs were burning after a while (there were also walking lunges, ouch!) and I was stopping frequently for rest. At the beginning of the third set of jumps my PT Nat said "if you pause during this set we'll start the counting from 1 again". I tried to push on but stopped at 15. When I started again and Nat counted "1" I was pissed off. I did 15 of the jumps already! I didn't want to do another 30. Part of me wanted to walk away, but I knew Nat wasn't going anywhere. At the end I somehow push my way through another 30.

Nat asked me throughout the session about how intense the exercises were. The exercises were tough but I felt that my mind was placing limits on my body. For example, if the exercise was for 20 reps and I was tired, I would unconsciously pace myself to stop after 10. I felt that my body was able to do more if my mind was not interfering.

Nat said that it is common, that plenty of people (including those who are fit) place mental roadblocks that stop them from exercise at their full capacity.

Why do we do that? I guess in one way it’s the brain trying to “protect” the body from hard work and muscle fatigue. Part of it is a lack of confidence and self-belief – “I’m not fit enough for this”. Of course there is just plain inertia too.

One of the best things about having a PT is that someone is there to help you kick the roadblocks away. So many times when I exercised by myself I would stop early because I felt tired, or because the weight was “too heavy”. The excuses are endless. With a good PT you have no excuse. The PT should know your fitness level and the sessions will be challenging but not beyond your abilities.

Nat said the best thing is to not think about it and surrender to the PT’s instruction. As she said, “why try to change something that is out of your control? Just DO IT.”

Sometimes I try not to count how many reps I’ve done, and ask Nat not to tell me my progress, so I can do the exercise without thinking. And I try to remember why I’m doing it, that it is GOOD FOR ME. They’re not foolproof methods (I still pause between reps more than I’d like) but I find them helpful.

Another example of “mind over body” is skipping. I’m one of the most uncoordinated people I know and my memory of skipping is more about tripping. When I saw Nat with jumping rope last Friday I developed an instant dislike, I just didn’t want to do it.

But it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Yes, I was still tripping the rope here and there, and it was hard work, but after a little while and some advice from Nat I was doing better than expected. To stop myself from overanalysing I started singing a song in my head and skipping to the beat.

Nat brought the rope again on Monday. She said she was going to break down my loathing of the rope. After Friday’s session I knew I can do it. Without my mind saying “this is too hard”, my tripping reduced dramatically and I was faster too. In the last set I only stopped once.

Skipping will never make my “top 10 fun exercises to do” list but I am no longer threatened by it.

This mindset change applies to eating too, but that’s the subject of another post.

What techiques do you use to push your body 100%?

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

18-month-old blog birthday giveaway

Time flies and this little blog is turning 18 months old this week! Ahh, my blog is a toddler now :-)

As a thank you I'm having a giveaway. There are 4 prizes up for grabs.

1. Alannah Hill "Tea and Temptation" pink and black bow handbag

It's a brand new "vintage" Alannah Hill bag (back when she still used green labels). The bag comes with an AH dust bag. It'll look cute with a nice cardi or coat!

2. Kit Cosmetics Duo Cheek & Lip Creme in Turn it On

Featuring two pretty pink hues, with a yummy watermelon scent!

3. Bronze mirror brooch from The Concealer

I wrote about the talented Paula and her gorgeous brooches a little while ago. Thanks to Paula, one of you will be the owner of this lovely mirror brooch!

4. Personal training session with my personal trainer Nat

Nat has generously offer a free 30-minute personal training session for a lucky CCM reader. Read my post about one of my PT sessions, and Nat's blog for great exercise and nutrition tips.

This prize is open to Sydneysiders only.

How to enter?

There are 3 ways to enter this giveaway.

1. Reply to this post and write about your favourite CCM post - 3 entries

2. "Like" the CCM Facebook page - 1 entry

3. Tweet/retweet the following - 1 entry
Visit #MsCuriousCCM to win an Alannah Hill bag, Kit makeup, brooch by @TheConcealer or a PT session!
You can enter any or all of the draws. Simply let me know your choices in your reply post, or send me a FB comment or tweet, depending on how you enter the draw. If you don't specify your preferences you'll be entered into all draws.

This giveaway is open internationally except for the PT session which is open to Sydneysiders only. Entries close at midnight Sydney time on Tuesday 5 July. I will pick the winners using and announce them on Thursday 7 July.

Thanks again for reading CCM and good luck :-D

Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy as a bee weekend

Haven't done a "a day in my life" post for a while. Last weekend was jam-packed with action so it's a good one to share.

We started off the weekend with breakfast at Booth St Bistro at Annandale. I read a review on SMH a little while ago and I was keen to give it a try. It is a charming little place.

I had my usual skim cap, it was good, very rich even with skim milk.

They delievered a complementary babycino to TLG. That would not happen in the lower North Shore :-/

I had the corn fritters with avocado and poached egg. I have only one word to describe it - FRESH!

Mr C ordered the French toast with bananas and bacon. He said it was the best breakfast he'd had for a long time. I had a bite of the toast and it was rich and fluffy.
And we ordered a kid's size pancake for TLG.

It looked pretty adult-size to me. And TLG polished the whole thing off! Incredible.

The bistro offered great value as well, with the above and a hot chocolate for Mr C the bill came to $45. I wish there are places like this closer to home. We'll be back again for sure.

There was a reason for travelling to the Inner West for breakfast - Leona Edmiston's vintage boutique had a 50% off sale over the weekend and I paid the Balmain boutique a visit. I came home with 2 new dresses.

The Claudia frock fits right into the block colour trend. Can you believe it is only $37.50! I expect to get good wear out of it in summer.

I also picked up a sample from the 2011 A/W collection - a belt-less version of the Taylor dress in black for $75.


My dress:

While I was shopping, Mr Curious took TLG to a nearby park. When I caught up with them they were on the swings together *love*.

The lovely SA at the boutique was offering Minties and I took one. I bit on something hard and spat it out. A few seconds later I realised that was a tooth filling! I called my dentist and begged for an emergency visit. Thankfully she had a last-minute cancellation so I could get my tooth fixed on the day. What a relief!

I love this wall art at the dentist's reception area.

We went to the scheduled house viewing after a quick takeaway sushi lunch. The house was nice but a bit rough around the edges. Part of me just wanted to buy it and avoid the weekly grind of house hunting but that's probably not the wisest thing to do ...

My BIL hurt his foot at work on Friday and he was not meant to be on his feet for a week. We offered to do a grocery run for him and we stayed around for a chat. I was so tired from late Wimbledon TV sessions over the week and the travails of the day, I fell asleep on the sofa.

Sunday was my turn to sleep in so I was able to stay in bed until 9am - glorious!

TLG has been asking me to make ice blocks with him because he saw it on Play School. We made blueberry yoghurt ice blocks and he loved it.

I'm glad I discovered a lovely food blog called Ooh, Look... when searching for a reciple. There are so many yummy recipes to try!

After a relaxing morning* I went out for shopping. I was a bit sick of my weekend "uniform" of stripy top and jeans so this was my outfit instead. I wonder if I look a bit "mumsy"?

[*I spent part of the morning on updating the blog template. Do you like it? The mobile theme looks nice too.]

I went to Target to stock up on underwear (I like one of their sports bras, a bargain at $20). As I was heading back to the car I walked past Cue and the next thing you know I bought a knitted jacket. Oops!

This was followed by a trip to Victoria's Basement to buy a better set of ice block makers (the $2.50 set I used fell apart). Don't these rocket-shaped moulds look fun? TLG was a fan and played with them the whole afternoon saying "blast off"!

With grocery shopping done, I went home and started a marathon cooking session. First off the block was the trusted pork chops with baked apples for dinner.

I then made breakfast and lunch for the week.

My breakfast for the next few days will be quinoa porridge with stewed fruit, a recipe from my personal trainer Nat. Stone fruits are not in season so I used strawberries and apples instead.

Lunch will be grilled chicken thigh fillets (some with honey and soy marinade, the rest with lemon zest and thyme), quinoa cooked with chicken stock, steamed carrots and broccoli. I hope they taste as good as they look.

I also made a batch of teddy bear shaped pasta with tuna and vegetable for TLG.

By the time I finished it was well after 9pm! The weekend ended with me writing this post and watching Formula 1 on TV.

Phew! This is a mammoth post - thanks for reading.

How was your weekend?

P.S. My giveaway starts tomorrow :-D

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The great Australian dream ...

It's something that most Australians go through at some point in their lives and it's hitting us now.

Two of my best friends purchased new homes last weekend. Houses, you know, with no common walls, no strata headaches and a backyard.

The Curious household lives in a comfortable 3-bedroom apartment and there is no urgent need to move. But the house on a quarter-acre block is making its siren call. Owning a piece of land and having a house to call your own feel like a rite of passage.

Now that TLG is getting older and more active, the limitation of an apartment is starting to show. We have to make a concerted effort to take him somewhere so he can have a bit of a run around outdoors. I know he will love a backyard with his own cubby house. I can just picture the fun he'll have.

By living in an apartment, part of me feels that I'm letting him down.

But I know in truth TLG doesn't know any difference and he loves his home because he is with his mummy and daddy

I grew up in a 30sqm, 2-bedroom apartment with my mum, dad, older sister and uncle until I was six. Mr dad ran his small business at home and he had machinery in one of the rooms which made it out of bounds. I do not recall anything about those years but having fun with my family.

I know this is pressure that Mr C and I place on ourselves. But as parents it is only natural that we want to give our child "the best". Even if it means a hefty mortgage and cutbacks in other parts of our lives (goodbye new clothes and shoes?).

Is it worth it? I don't know at this point. We're going to start househunting this weekend. Maybe we will find our dream home. Maybe finding out how much we need to borrow will scare us off.

Let's see what the future holds.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Strawberries and Cream

No, this is not a naughty dessert post  ;-)

It's about one of my favourite sporting events - Wimbledon.

Long time CCM readers may remember my trips to Melbourne for the Australian Open last year and this year.

Tennis in the #1 spectator sports for me. I was obsessed about it in my teenage years.

Other kids my age went for pop stars but my bedroom was covered in posters of my favourite tennis players. I used to buy the newspaper just for the tennis results (kiddies, there was a time when the internet was not omnipresent!). I kept a scrapbook with cut-out of tennis articles, read my tennis magazine cover-to-cover, and even took photos of the the TV screen so I can have photos of my favourite players *shame*.

I was obsessed with Wimbledon. For those 2 weeks I stayed up late to watch the tennis, at least until my parents hauled me to bed. Our trusty VCR in the lounge room had a long-play function so I could record 6 hours of tennis overnight. After school the next day I would rewind the tape than hit "fast forward" until I find the matches I wanted to watch. Sometimes I would come across a gem - a feature on one of my faves, which I would watch it over and over and over ...

My all-time 3 favourite players are all Wimbledon champions:

1. Stefan Edberg 

Oh how I loved him! The blonde hair, the beautiful smile, the brilliant backhand and master volleys ... what a package!

I was so awe-struck when I saw him in person at the Sydney Indoors in the early 90's. He was at one of the practice courts (in pink shorts no less!) and I managed to get an autograph (he only signed 3!). Man I was stoked! I went outside and called my bestie on the public phone and told her all about it. Ahhh those were the days.

There are lows with being a tennis fan too. When he lost at Wimbledon in 1991 to eventual champion Michael Stich without losing his serve once (he won the first set 6-4 and lost the next 3 in tie-breaks, yes I remembered the score without googling), I was so angry and sad and many tears were shed.

To prove the endorsement worked I bought a Wilson racquet and Adidas tennis gear; unfortunately you can't buy talent or skills ...

2. Andre Agassi

Who can say no to the bad boy of 90's tennis?

Agassi is all charms and his returns and footwalk are legendary.

I can still picture him falling and kneeling on the grass when we won Wimbledon in 1992, his first Grand Slam.

Reading his autobiography Open was a big relevation. Who would have thought a tennis Hall of Famer hated the game? And the work that he has done since his retirement with charter schools in the US is an inspiration.

To this day I still find it incredible that he is married to Steffi Graf, my favourite female tennis player. Look how cute they were at the 1992 Wimbledon Champions' ball!

If their kids inherited their parents' tennis genes, they will be unbeatable!

3. Goran Ivanisevic

Look, I embrace all types of players, and Goran is a worthy representive of big-servers. When his serve was on his opponents had no chance.

Like the rest of Australia I was glued to the TV on "People's Monday" for the 2001 men's final, but unlike the rest of Australia I was going for Goran instead of Patrick Rafter. My heart skipped a bit every time Goran served a double fault.

When he finally won in the fifth set I was brought to tears again, this time they were tears of joy.

One of the best things about Goran is his funny quotes:
"In every game I play there are three players in me that could surface anytime, Good Goran, Bad Goran, Crazy Goran! They can all serve aces."

"The trouble with me is that every match I play against five opponents: umpire, crowd, ball boys, court, and myself."

"Today's players, they do not know how. If you are going to throw it, you break it. You have to show commitment." (on throwing rackets)
Ah, what a trip down memory lane! I miss the exuberance of youth :-D

I still enjoy watching tennis now but I don't go for any players, I just like to watch good matches.

On that note I should go now. 7Two is broadcasting the tennis live from 9pm (no tape delay, yeah!) and Dokic is playing on centre court tonight. Go Aussie!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Reading list ... sort of

Wondering where I have been? Well, I have been sick. Just your typical viral infection but enough to knock me around some. Continuous coughing is not fun.

In my sick days I have been reading. A lot. Here are some of the things that helped me pass my time.

I finished a book that I learnt of from an ABC radio book reading. I promise I'm not an 80-year-old in disguise! The truth is that I've been an AM radio listener for years, although I came across the book reading by chance.

The book is The Testament of Gideon Mack by James Robertson. It is about a Scottish church minister who claimed to have met the devil. Well that is the headline, but it is about a lot more than that. I usually read non-fiction and I really missed the feeling of being immersed in a well-told story. And the book definitely gave me lots of food for thought, about how much control you really have over what happens in your life, among other things.

The book is on sale at Book Depository for a crazy £2.99. Grab a copy while you can.

The internet also featured heavily on my reading list. I spebt time catching up on my Miss Manners posts and my favourite advice column (Since you asked on Salon), enjoying Mamamia for the mix of news, humour and personal stories (I think Mia Freedman's onto something, and I like the new contributors), and having a chuckle on bad fashion choices on Go Fug Yourself.

Out of all my readings there are two articles that I recommend - for completely different reasons:

Regretsy's "pranks" post (password "fc4l") - do you want to annoy someone or cause someone serious grief? Read the list of devilish pranks in April's post (AND the comments), I guarantee you buckets of laughter.

Interview with Justin Timberlake - I was too old when N*Sync made it big to get into it, but I enjoy Timberlake's solo albums and even went to his SexyBack concert. I came across this from a gossip website and the interview is surprisingly enjoyable. Who knows Playboy really has articles worth reading?

One comment Timberlake made struck a chord with me. "I owe it to myself to do things that inspire me and not do things I don’t like." So simple, but how many of us can say we abide to it?

On that note I bid adieu and wish you all a great weekend :-D

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Healthy Life Part 2 - Ready for Exercise?

It has been a while since the first Healthy Life post. My personal trainer went on holidays for 2 weeks and, well, I have been a bit slack in her absence. She's back now and I'm back on track, so it's time to continue the series.

If you're looking to get into exercising, I think my session on Monday is a good start. It is a full-body workout and the exercises are pretty easy to follow. I used 2 x 5kg dumbbells for the exercises with weights.

(Talking about dumbbells, I ordered these gems when they were on the other day. 20kg dumbbell set for $40 when something similar costs $100 at Rebel Sports so it's a good bargain.

Now I have no excuse to skip resistance training in the weekend!

I'm waiting for them to be delievered now. I feel sorry for the delivery man ...)

Besides showing you the exercises, I'll share my impressions (which ones do I hate?) and some tips.

If you haven't exercised for a while and want to give this a try, you may want to start without weights and cut down the reps. Remember to engage your abs in all resistance exercises!

Are you ready? Let's go :-D

Set 1

1. Jog 150m

2. Dumbbell back squat to overhead press x 15

All exercise photos in this post are from Women's Health Australia

Straighten your legs and push the weights up into the air and in a powerful movement. Control the movement down into squat position. When squatting try to stick your bottoms out, the knees should not be too far in front of your toes.

3. Lateral lift x 15

This exercise was tough! Lifting 5kg each side was hard work.

I find the movement a bit easier when I focus on generating power from my shoulders. Again the movement should be smooth and controlled both ways.

4. Lunge forward (alternating leg) x10 each leg

Instead of having the weights by my side like the picture above, I lifted the weights up just above my shoulders throughout the exercise. I assume that was harder!

Repeat set 3 time (4 sets in total).

It was meant to be without rest between sets but I rested often to catch my breath. I lost so much of my fitness by not exercising for 2 weeks ;-P

Set 2

12 good old pushups

I was on my toes but I did "baby" pushups - only very small movement up and down. Hopefully I'll get better at this when I become stronger. My PT told me to concentrate on bending my elbows and avoid moving my hips.

Squat jump x 15

My exercise was similar to the one above but with my hands in front, touching the ground at each squat. I had to focus on keeping a straight back and not hunching too much when squatting. Keeping my head up and gazing forward helped me maintain the right posture.

I was buggered by this point and the jumps were painfully slow.

Repeat set 3 time (4 sets in total).

With all the breaks I took the session took around 45 minutes.

I was energised by the workout and I was so much more productive when I went home on Monday night. Instead of lying on the sofa I managed to declutter part of my wardrobe!

Are you gonna give this a go?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pretty things from ... marie claire July 2011

Once I saw the cover of July's marie claire I knew I want to blog about it.

(Click photo for larger image)

Megan Gale is absolutely stunning on the cover, especially on the subscriber's version without all the headlines. The dress is classic Alex Perry extravagance, and Megan's hair and makeup are perfect.

Megan's dress and more featured in the magazine are part of marie claire's Red Dress campaign. They are up for auction to raise funds for the Heart Foundation. I am surprised to learn that heart disease is the number one killer of Australian women!

My second favourite image from the campaign is Ruby Rose wearing Willow.

Ruby Rose has a certain air that works well in fashion shoots.

I love this Lover lace dress (from an article on the RAFW).

The soft lilac lace and 50's tailoring contrasting with the bright red singlet underneath is classic but yet so modern. Here's a look of the dress on the runway.


The pale yellow pumps are perfect for the look too!

I have not heard of Carl Kapp before, I love the femininity of his collection. Gorgeous soft colours too.

It didn't really come out in the photo above, but the dress on the left is made with a beautifully textured fabric. I'd love to see it IRL.

This Alice McCall shirt looks fantastic on the model (from turn up the heat).

I don't have the body shape to carry this; I can only admire from a distance.

Mix prints are probably a bit too young for me to wear. I think this will look great for someone in her 20s.

Moving on to my FAVOURITE item from the magazine. These pink opal and onyx earrings are absolutely DIVINE!

They're Cartier and therefore completely out of my price range. I can only hope for affordable jewellery inspired by this collection ...

Talking about gorgeous earrings, how about these from Jan Logan for a cool $11,500? I love Art Deco jewellery.

(BTW there is a beautiful wedding feature in this issue for brides-to-be).

This gorgeous bright pink nail polish caught my eye.

This is from Dior's Summer 2011 Electric Tropics collection. I am not very adventurous with my nail polish (no blues or greens for me) but I do like me some bright nails. What a gorgeous colour!

If you're looking for a small gift, you can't go wrong with this pretty soap with the Eiffel Tower.

I think the foam cubes in this room are fantastic. The beautiful prints bring a pop of colour and they are handy as chairs for guests.

Last but not least, this bowl of curry laksa makes me hungry! I think I have to give this recipe a try (recipe here as requested by the lovely @sixinchheel).

(All photos are from marie claire Australia's July 2011 issue unless otherwise stated).

P.S. I am planning a giveaway to sweep away the winter blues ... watch this space :-D

Friday, June 3, 2011

Let my mind wander

Thinking about u, by Wolfsoul on Flickr

Strolling through the wasteland
I want to find a tree for shelther
With sunshine
With water
And a gentle breeze

How should I face
The unknown ahead
And let my thoughts settle
As the sky changes colour
I need an overcoat for my emotions

This is right
That is good
I want to run
I want to flee
The truth is I'm scared
Can we just stop right now?
I need a bit more time
To let my mind wander

Looking out the window
I'm mesmerised by the street of blue
With loneliness
With laughter
And snow out-of-view

How should I organise
This hectic city
And the matters of my heart?
Hiding in a busy December night
I want to be by myself
Peacefully, quietly

What is right?
What is good?
Don't ask
Don't guess
Don't come too close to me
Can you bravely stop right now?
I need a bit more space
To let my mind wander

Strolling through the wasteland
I want to find a tree for shelther
With sunshine
With water
And a gentle breeze

Let my mind wander
by Cheer Chen
Translation by Yours Truly

Click here to hear Cheer perform this beautiful song unplugged.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Big A, Little A

My heart has been heavy in the last few days, after I received two pieces of sad news. One involves a man in his early 40s and the other a newborn baby girl. They share the same initial, A, and I’ll call them Big A and Little A in this post.

Sadness, by Pixy E on Flickr

Big A

On Sunday evening Mr Curious received an e-mail from his boss. Big A, one of Mr C’s colleagues , was badly injured in a cycling accident. The doctors had to drain fluids from Big A’s brain and he is currently in an induced coma, as the medical staff wait for the brain swelling to ease.

I met Big A a few times at Mr C’s work functions. Big A is a larrikin and a true character. When the office organised a trapeze training session, he turned up in a Borat-style leotard and brought the house down! That was in front of his wife and kids (I guess they are used to his sense of humour). He is also a generous guy, a great husband and dad, and an active member of his church.

We have been receiving regular updates on Big A from Mr C’s boss and his condition appears to be stabilising but there is a long way to go.

The people in Mr C’s office created a montage of photos with Big A and his colleagues, which Mr C’s boss delivered to the hospital. They also set up a blog where Big A’s colleagues and friends can send their wishes and prayers to Big A and his family. It was very thoughtful of them. I shed a tear as I looked through all the photos on the montage which was posted on the blog.

Little A

On Monday my friend K posted a cryptic and worrying status update on Facebook. I messaged her to see if she was OK, and she wrote back saying that she was sadden by the death of Little A.

K told me about Little A when we had lunch a few weeks ago. Little A suffered a rare illness and was born with multiple deformities. She was on life support from birth to assist her breathing. Little A’s parents sought advice from experts in Australia and overseas and the diagnosis was not good. After much deliberation they made the difficult decision to take Little A off life support. She survived for a few days and eventually passed away. Little A's parents are understandably devastated.


The original title of this post is “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

It is hard to picture the happy-go-lucky Big A lying in a hospital bed, fighting for his life. I cannot imagine what Big A’s family is going through right now. As for Little A … what can I say? It is so unfair that she wasn’t given a chance to live, and I feel so much for Little A’s parents. I wish I can give them the biggest hug, even though I don’t know them.

Someone responded to K’s FB status with “Sometimes there just aren't any answers”*. And after thinking about it I agree with her. The longing for an answer in these situations is human nature, because we want to understand, we want help to make sense of something that doesn’t seem to make sense, and sometimes because we want to blame it on someone or something. But the world is not planning its every move. Each part of this planet reacts to others parts which react to yet other parts, and the result is what we know as life. Sometimes it brings beauty and joy (rainbows, sunny days, births), and other times tragedies (natural disasters and deaths).

Rainbow, by BhumiJoshi on Flickr

Some people may be disheartened by such a clinical and impassive view. I’ve heard people say that if the universe is created by a big bang and there is no guiding hand or higher purpose, our life is meaningless. I didn’t know how to respond to that argument then but I think I do now. Instead of despairing at the “emptiness” of life, I’m celebrating the fact that these “random” interactions of beings and things create so much beauty and joy, when they are not a given.

The other day TLG was opening his mouth when eating and showing off the half-chewed vegemite sandwich inside. I told him to stop because “it’s yucky”, and as you can expect it only encouraged him to do it more often, and he laughed at my disapproval. I took a video of his infectious laughter. That laughter was pure. It was beautiful and it made me so happy. Isn't it amazing that life can bring such unbridled joy?

That pearl of laughter IS what gives my life meaning. Everyone has their “pearls of laughter” – from family and friends, from beauty, generosity, kindness and discovery. If that is not worth living for I don’t know what is!


I wish Big A a speedy and full recovery, and his family strength in such trying times.

To Little A’s parents I send my sincere condolence.

And finally to Little A – your life touched so many people’s hearts (including mine), and your family will forever cherish the beautiful memories you shared with them.

Baby Feet, by Joel Horst [Luxart Studios] on Flickr

In honour of Little A, I will be making a donation to Bear Cottage, a children's hospice in Sydney which helped Little A and her family tremendously in her short life.

* I sent this post to K. That response I noted above was from Little A's mum


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