Monday, July 18, 2011

Forgettable weekend

Actually, this post should be called "forgettable week". TLG was sick for most of the week (he had another cold after the ear infection that was caused by the initial cold!), I was sick on Friday with sore throat and body aches, and Mr Curious had a really bad cold over the weekend. We were going to host a dinner gathering with a few friends and had to cancel.

I was planning to blog about my new purchases but this photo I took earlier this week will have to make do for now.

There were a few bright spots in the blahness that was this weekend.

I took TLG to the Northside Produce Markets on Saturday and picked up lots of fresh meat and veggies. On my must-buy list are:
  • Over the Moon Milk (read my previous post)
  • Lamb patties from Ladysmith Lamb - will be cooking them tonight *yum*
Update: Here's my dinner tonight - doesn't it look good?

  • Fresh salmon fillets from Sapphire Coast - it is hands-down the best salmon I've ever purchased, and it is around the same price as salmon from the supermarkets! Incredible. They are vaccum packed so they last for longer. 
For lunch I ate half a fillet as sashimi (I wish I had wasabi at home!) and on Sunday night I pan-fried some for dinner. Served with a squeeze of lemon juice on top - so good.

Mr Curious was still sick as a dog on Sunday morning so I decided to take TLG somewhere nice for breakfast. I've heard good things about coffee at The Source Espresso at Mosman so it was our destination. It was pretty packed when we arrived. TLG and I were lucky to get seats straight away. TLG did not stay in his seat for long...

I ordered the free range egg, mayo and watercress on grainy bread ($9.50 from recollection). I was expecting a poached egg but it came in sandwich form.

It wasn't much to look at but let me tell you, it was awesome! So creamy and tasty. Highly recommended.

I enjoyed the coffee too although it's not the best I've had. I was surprised by how hot it was, and I admired that they were able to make it that hot without burning the coffee (my pet hate).

I ordered a small piece of cake for TLG, gave them a $20 and received less than $1 in change(!) I guess that's the price of going somewhere trendy (Peter Fitzsimons was there in his trademark red bandanna with his son, who looks just like Lisa Wilkinson).

TLG and I roamed around Mosman for a bit afterwards. He loves fire truck and I showed him around the fire station. A fireman spotted us and gave us a tour around the station and TLG was allowed to "drive" the fire engine! He was a VERY happy boy.

I saw these art-deco style earrings by Sybella (available at Baku) when I was at Mosman last time and fell in love with them. I admired them from a distance this time.

They're not that expensive (around $100 I think) but that's a fair amount for costume jewellery, and since I have another etsy earrings order coming I thought I'd resist .. for now.

Those were just about all the good things that happened this weekend - intersected with a sick husband and TLG screaming "NO" to every nappy change and all through bathtime. Here's hoping everyone's back to 100% soon.

And I have something to look forward to. Mr Curious and I are celebrating our dating anniversary with an overnight trip to Melbourne in a fortnight sans TLG. Flights and hotel are booked but we haven't decided on activites/meals yet. Any recommendations?


  1. If you want something totally fun and completely different I highly recomend the Burlesque Bar in Fitzroy. The shows are so much fun, its cheap to get in (between $10 and $20) and they have the yummiest cocktails. The place is tiny and always packed so good idea to buy your tix before hand. I also love my jazz and Bennetts Lane Jazz club has something good on almost everynight. For stuff to do during the day - vic markets, bourke st for shopping ect. I love Abottsford Convent if you get a nice day - and they have yummy food at "Lentil as anything".

  2. Poor mr curious, hope he recovers soon, TLG and fire trucks, sounds so cute! Enjoy your stay in Melbourne recently for my birthday we went to the Point Albert in Albert park by the lake. It's away from busy city.

  3. That sandwich looks amazing. Hope you're all feeling better!

  4. Hope you guys are feeling better! looking forward to your blog about your purchases

  5. Whereabouts in Melb are you staying? City?. Il Solito Posto for Italian is a fave of mine for dinner. St Ali in Sth Melb is busy but they have great brekkie. Also, the European for brekkie if you want to stay in the city.

  6. Thank you so much everyone for your Melbourne recs!

    @Running in Lulu - we're staying in the city (Lindrum Hotel). We went to the European last time, food was good but long wait and service was so-so.

    Il Solito Posto and Point Albert (thanks @Farrah!) are on our dinner shortlist.

    @Mrs. McAwesome - Mr C is not that keen on the burlesque show. The jazz sounds good but it will clash with dinner and I choose food. The Abbotsford Convent is right up our alley! Thanks.


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