Monday, July 4, 2011

Healthy Life Part 4 - Healthy Eating

A big part of a healthy lifestyle is to eat healthy. I can exercise until the cows come home but if I'm eating chips and chocolate every day, I won't get anywhere fast.

To me, the number one rule to avoid the pitfalls of junk food is to banish them out of sight. I made the mistake with buying a pack of Mint Slices the other week. Despite my best intention to "portion control", the whole pack disappeared within 2 days (eeeep!). So I have to be strong and ignore the confectionary aisles when I'm at the supermarket.

Cutting out the "naughty foods" doesn't mean I can't enjoy a yummy snack though, I just need to be more prepared. This afternoon I made a delicious afternoon snack with fresh pineapple pieces, crushed walnuts, goji berries and low-fat natural yoghurt. You can read about the benefits of this snack here.

Another thing I'm trying to do is to bring my own lunch. I am not impressed with the takeaway options near work, and they're not cheap either. So by preparing my own lunch, I can make something healthy that I enjoy and I can save money, a win-win-win situation.

Those of you who read my post last Monday may remember that I made breakfast AND lunch for the week. Breakfast was quinoa with stewed fruit and lunch was grilled chicken with veggies and quinoa. I was a bit worried that I would be bored with eating the same food every day (I had a break on Thursday as it was my day off) but I was fine with it.

Yesterday I made another batch of lunches for the week. Thanks to Cats Love Cooking's recommendation I checked out Bake Bike Blog and tried out her tamari rice salad recipe. Actually I didn't have any tamari so I just used good old soy sauce. Well, the result was delicious!

I'm having microwaved eggs on grainy toasts for breakfast today; tonight I'll make a batch of healthy bircher museli for the rest of the week.

The combination of regular exercising and better eating have definitely improved my energy level. Yesterday was one of the most productive Sundays that I can recall. Not only did I do all the grocery shopping and made lunch (home made pizza), dinner (pea and ham soup) and the rice salad, I also folded a few baskets of laundry and did a lot of decluttering. Instead of my usual routine of lying around and taking a long time to get going, I just went for it. It felt so good to feel so energised.

I am still finding my way around a new approach to food, and I'll share my learnings in future Healthy Life posts.

What are the biggest obstacles between you and healthy eating?

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  1. That salad looks delicious! Lisa has so many yummy & healthy recipes :)

    We never keep unhealthy snack foods in the house, it's just not something we buy when we're grocery shopping. However an obstacle I have is not being prepared - but luckily that is easily fixed.

  2. I find I have a high level of willpower with healthy eating (miliatry precision a friend of mine calls it!) but the biggest obstacle I found when I started losing weight was other people encouraging me to eat unhealthily!

    We would go out for dinner and even though I would decline the fried food/dessert, people would always say, "go on, just a little bit". I always stuck to my guns though and ate what I wanted to splurge on and not what other people told me I should.

    Now that I've reached my goal weight, I still eat healthily during the week and allow myself a little leeway on the weekends, although I find that I've been eating healthy for so long now, and feel so much better for it, that I often choose the healthy option anyway.

  3. That always happens to me with Mint Slice too! They're just too good!

    My problem with healthy eating is when I eat out. At home I'm fine, since there's usually no junk food in the house, but when I go out to lunch or dinner with friends I end up eating the most unhealthy things because it's a "treat". However this happens several times a week!

    That rice salad looks delicious :)

  4. Last night Mr C presented a tube of pringles during State of Origin and I was weak - gah!

    Chanel - thanks again for the recommendation.

    Running in Lulu - I used to be one of "those people"! Good on you for being strong. Thankfully I don't eat out that much because we have a little boy, I don't know if I can resist the temptation!

    Jennifer - my PT said that the key to eating out is portion control. Maybe you can designate one "treat" meal a week in terms of your choices, and try to go for the healthier options at other times?


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