Friday, July 22, 2011

Healthy Life Part 6 - This Week

I haven't forgotten about my health kick! Last week was challenging because of everyone's sickness and both my exercise (only 1 yoga class) and my eating suffered. So this week I'm doing my best to get back on track.

The suspension straps made an appearance on my training on Monday and it was tough! I quite like it though - it adds a bit of variety.

With the torrential rain in Sydney I suspect my session today will be cancelled. I worked up enough motivation to exercise at home for the first time yesterday. I tried Nat's 20 minute fat blasting exercises. I used a fold-up chair for step-ups and tricep dips and 3.8kg dumbbells. The exercises look simple but it was hard work!

It took me just under 25 minutes to complete 4 sets (goal is to finish 5 sets in 20 minutes) so I have plenty of scope to improve. I'll use this as a benchmark - my first goal is to finish 4 sets within the 20 minutes.

I'm starting to look into supplements. Nat recommended cod liver oil capsules which I am taking semi-regularly (I'm too forgetful!). I placed an order for these goodies last night.

OK, I sneaked in a treat as well. It's meant to be a healthy version of Crunch bars!

Wishing you all a healthy and fulfilling weekend. And to my Sydney readers - don't let the bad weather dampen your spirits!

P.S. I'm thinking about starting a photo-based food diary. Anyone interested?


  1. Love any posts on health and exercise so a photo food diary would be awesome. This is encouraging thanks!

  2. Good work on even doing a little bit of exercise while everyone is sick.

    I've signed up for my first 5km run this weekend - pity I can't even run 2kms but I'll just run a bit and then walk the rest. Eeeek!

    A photo based food diary sounds interesting. I just started doing my food diary again this week too.


  3. oh the Quinoa choccie looks yum- where did you by that in Sydney. OI've just started on CLO< Supergreens and also Chlorophyll in water- its amazing makes you feel great

  4. Yum, the chocolate looks amazing. Love that it is a healthier option!

  5. Love reading about your health/fitness journey, will help me get inspired hehe :D

  6. I'm thinking about setting up an instagram account for the food diary, will look into it.

    @Me, my best and I, I ordered from Natural Health Organics which is an online store, I'll report back once I receive the goodies.

    I'm glad that you enjoy the posts, there are so much I want to write about :-D


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