Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Well hello, Kate Spade! Part 1

Two different shopping journeys both ended up with Kate Spade. This is the first one.

Mr Curious received his bonus (not anything wow but nice nonetheless) and he offered to buy me a present. It didn't take long for me to think "handbag"! I didn't find anything with the right price/desirable ratio from the usual suspects (Shopbop, TheOutnet, NAP). A timely promotional e-mail* from Nordstrom about their sale piqued my interest. I don't usually look at Nordstrom because of their high international postage but their sales are pretty good.

(*Yes, those promo e-mails work!)

It didn't take long to find my bag of choice. The Kate Spade Fisher handheld satchel fits right into my attraction to structured bags. The last two bags I bought are bright-coloured so it's nice to go for a neutral tone. The discount (33%, to $US230) made the postage ($US44) easier to accept.

The bag took just over a week to arrive.

The shape and the size of the bag are perfect. I also like that it's lightweight.

The tan colour is lovely and the bright orange lining creates a nice contrast. By the way, the colour of the bag is the photo below is the closest to real life.

Because of the light colour and the fine leather, I am going to spray it with a stain protection spray before use.

The double compartment is a neat idea. I hate rummaging through the bag to find what I need, so it'll be good to separate things into 2 groups.

On the not-as-good side:
  • The small spade logo at the top of the bag creates a fairly big dent in the leather (you can see it in the first 2 photos). I'm hoping usage will relax the leather a bit.
  • I prefer zippers with 2 sliders so I don't need to pull the slider all the way to one end.
  • Some of the leather looks a bit stressed already. 

This worries me a bit; I don't want the bag to age prematurely! I'll have to see how it goes.

Those reservations aside, I'm very happy with the bag. Thank you Mr Curious! <3


  1. Oh yes promo emails work! Dammit, they work. I absolutely love the neutral and the unexpected pop of red when you open it. Great choice. I personally like the look of relaxed leather over pristine leather - gives an "Oh I just tossed this look together" kind of feel :)

  2. I love the colour of the lining, it's so striking! :)

  3. Oooh nice choice <3 I've been eyeing off Kate Spade jewellery lately hmmm

  4. lovely bag!love kate spade! I'm gonna make sure my man learns a lesson or two from Mr C *wink*


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