Friday, September 2, 2011

Hong Kong 2011 snaps

TLG and I are back in Australia safe and sound. I had a fantastic time with my family in Hong Kong and I think TLG did as well!

There are lots to blog about but I'm too tired to do it any justice at this point. Here are some photos from my iPhone to share :-D

TLG playing "mummy" and ordering me around!

Egg with fois gras and caviar

Tiramisu at Cova

TLG playing with a giant rubber duck (how cool is his shirt BTW?)

Wonton noodles, one of my favourite Hong Kong meals

Shopping at one of the many SaSa cosmetics stores

A giant golden Hello Kitty at a boutique (this is for you @mallhaciel!)

This is from a professional photo shoot. The photographer is excellent and I can't wait to see all the high resolution photos!

I'll work on my posts this weekend - watch this space!


  1. I hope you'll post the professional photos! They look like they'll be really beautiful. Look forward to hearing more about your trip x

  2. That professional photo is lovely! Tiramisu mmmmm <3
    Looks like a fantastic trip :)

  3. I really like the professional photo of you and your son, Ms C, it's beautiful.
    Looking forward to your shopping posts :)

  4. That bowl of tiramisu looks delish =)and TLG looks too cute!

  5. I've just had dinner but i'm starving now after that bowl of noodles you posted. jealous!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Love the photos, and the professional one especially, it's so lovely!

  7. Thanks everyone!

    I created an album with more photos from the professional shoot. Because the album has photos of family members it is password protected. If you'd like to have a look either e-mail me or send me a tweet and I'll send you the password :-D

  8. TLG is so adorable hehe :D looks like you had a fab time, will DM you on twitter :)


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