Friday, September 23, 2011

Music On My Mind - The Beatles

I've been wanting to get into the Beatles for a while now. I listened to Abbey Road when I was on the plane from HK to Sydney (Come Together is an easy winner; I need sometime to digest the rest of that album!) but I needed a catalyst to really get into it.

I found it via Leigh Sales' tweet about The Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Beatles songs. Lying in bed with a sick tummy, I read about (almost all of) the 100 songs even though I didn't know most of them. Finding out how the songs are created, their influences (drugs featured prominently ...), the growth of the band from pop stars to music pioneers, and their inevitable break-up - it was completely captivating.

The logical next step of course is to listen to the music. I chose Rubber Soul purely because of the name. By golly am I blown away - first by how many of the songs I already know, and by how fresh they sound now, almost 50 years on.

Then I chose The Revolver, something that is already on my iTunes. I remembered listening to it a long time ago and not really getting it. I wonder what was wrong with me back then! Rock, folk, psychedelic and everything in between can be found in the album. And it's all good.

My favourite track so far is "Here, There and Everywhere" - I am a romantic at heart :-)

I'm sure there are many other discoveries to be made. Oh to be a teenager again and hole myself up in my room for days immersed in music!


  1. Oh I love the Beatles!

    My favourite songs are Revolution, Here Comes the Sun and Blackbird :)


Thank you for your lovely message <3


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