Friday, October 7, 2011

Healthy Life Part 10: H2O

Read any article about healthy living and drinking water is likely to be high on the list.

I'm pretty good with my beverage choices. I only have an occasional glass of wine or champagne (I'm also partial to nice sake), and juices and soft drinks are once-a-week treats. My only daily "vice" is a skim cappuccino or two.

I drink a good amount of water, but the amount I drink varies based on where I am. I drink like a fish when I'm in the office, at least 1.5L even if I'm not exercising. However, when I'm at home I don't drink nearly as much.

So what caused the difference? I use a disposible water bottle at work and plastic tumblers at home. So I think the bottle is the trick.

I know that the bottle that comes with the water are not meant to be re-used. After some research online I purchased several 750ml Camelbak Better Bottles.

Hand modelling from yours truly to give you a sense of the size of the bottle.

The bottle is made with BPA free plastic, and the bottle is spill proof even if the sprout is out because of the "Bite-N-Sip" valve. You have to bite slightly at the valve to release the water. The biting was a bit strange at first but it was easy to get used to, and now it's second nature.

I'm happy to report that the bottle increased my water intake at home. I still don't drink as much as I do at work (I think the air conditioning makes me thirsty) but having a water bottle around at all times makes it much easier to take a sip here and there. In fact I just had a sip before typing this sentence.

I take the bottle out when I go outdoors so I'm not tempted by sugary drinks, and that works too.

If you'd like to drink more water I highly recommend getting a bottle to carry around (I bought the bottles from Wiggle).


  1. I'm the same when it comes to water intake: more at work than home. It's just what I do to take a break from the monitor lol - get up and walk to re-fill my cup. I have the same camelbak in black btw! =)

  2. These would be great for all of us here (me, hub & kids) I am so guilty of not drinking enough water!

  3. I'm the opposite - I hardly drink any at work (no time I guess, always on the move), but heaps at home!

    I love starting my day with a hot cup of water and freshly squeezed lemon, it's really refreshing.

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